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Your coach is a certified expert coach with a Ph.D. in coaching or related area. Our team of coaches is highly diverse and carefully selected to ensure your coaching experience is time is well-spent.


Our coaches are "arezians". Our name, arezian finds its roots in Greek mythology. Goddess Arete stood for the achievement of purpose and inspired us in delivering services which will make you live up to your full professional potential. 


Take this fantastic opportunity and speak to one of our experts 3 times for free.  We have expert coaches in all industries, and even a Buddhist Monk supporting our coaching process.


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Our testimonials:

Anna F.

My coach is a genius.  I am a senior professional who was stuck - both personally and professionally and had some pretty big hurdles to overcome in every arena.  My coach was knowledgeable, patient, kind and encouraging and helped me to break through my “stuckness” and to move ahead with awareness and with more joy and hope than I had thought possible for this stage of life.  Thank you! 

Marin M. 

I work in the project management sector of a large retail chain in Germany. My executive coaching program enabled me to develop a highly structured approach to project management and helped me to define techniques to work more efficiently with my team. During the coaching process, I develop the required leadership skills I needed to get promoted. The coaching  was a fantastic investment in my corporate career. 

Yolanda A.

The performance coaching program I had with Dr. Justin Kennedy was instrumental for the achievement of very ambitious goals for my company. It caused a positive impact on me as a leader and it also helped me convey that energy to my team and help them improve their performance. So grateful for this experience

Angelika A.

Being referred to Professor Kennedy is very useful as we are working on a concrete journey of improving my behaviors in order to avoid falling back in some patterns.

Through concrete exercises, open discussions i feel that I am on the right track to a healthier and stable way of living.


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